R&D Centre

The technology We have a very strong R&D team ,Prof. Lin Start rare earth & clay chemicals study since 1950'; under his leadership we successfully completed several national clay related researching project ,Prof. Lin also awarded by China Central government as"Specialist has great achievenment"; Prof. Lin aslo complete an independent research on nanoclay for polymer using purpose in 2000,which research started earlier in 1990'.The nanoclay developed by Prof. Lin has been approved by Government as "Advanced material" and approval to start production for industrial using purpose. 

The Sino-Holding  Instruments and Technolog  is  a company with strives for innovation and is famous for the self-designed product: the Digital Rotating Viscometer.  This device possesses several patents on technical application and meets with all international standards and specifications. All of our 20 digital rotating viscometers when compared for accuracy, convenience of use, automation and appearance are the best in China. This high value and high quality performance enables our products to be favoured by customers from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas as an alternative for other high cost equipment. Our company is dedicated to providing customers with reliable instruments and meters that are easy to use and rapid in measurement all while meeting and surpassing international standards and staying cost-effective.
The history of the main products and the company 1. Organophilic bentonite -- Organoclay rheological additive :main usage in paints,inks,oil based drilling ,grease,sealants industries. Background a) In 1980' ,We developed and started producing Na-bentonite based organoclay such as :381M,182B b) At the beginning of 1990',We developed and produced Ca-bentonite based conventional organoclay . c) In 1996,We established the largest organoclay producing line in China with annual producing capacity. d) In 1999,we developed and started producing series of easier dispersing organoclay .And becoming the first one company who has technology to produce this advanced material in China e) In 2000,The first one in China developed the Nano-material class smectite products for polymer (Nanoclay). f) Till today,the total organoclay annual production around 15000 MT .We have market share around 60% in China for paints,inks,grease usage ;and for abroad market around 25% .To meet the requirements from market. 2. Purified bentonite -- Inorganic gellant rheological additive :main usage in emulsion paints,inks,oil based drilling ,grease,sealants industries. Background From 1980' till today,we are the first one developed and produced the SM series of inorganic purified bentonite gellants. 3. Acid treated bleach earth Main usage :refining and purify mineral oil,cooking oil and so on. Background a) Since 1980' producing powder bleaching earth main for mineral oil and cooking oil. b) In 1995 start producing granular activated bleaching earth. c) Till today,the total production of bleaching earth about 100,000.00 MT . 4. Pet litter (CAT SAND) Main usage for cat and dog to absorb the waste . Since 1990' we annual producing 3000MT ,mainly for abroad market. 5. Bentonite for civil Engineering Main usage for underground engineering as drilling mud and sealant . Since 1990' producing annual 5000MT. The total annual production of all these types of clay related products about 250,000.00 and total mining raw bentonite clay 350,000.00 .In bentonite industrial field, It is a well known company,and awarded as the leading enterprise in zhejiang Province,and also awarded as the top class quality enterprise. C) Developing,producing structure Under the leadship of Company head office 1. Producing plant a b c d Mine organoclay plant No.1 mine Amine plant 2.Developing unit a b c R&D Centre testing lab BT centre
Raw material and Quality control 1. Bentonite resource The total bentonite reservation in China is 25 Billion MT,Chinais the first one who have this volume of bentonite mine in the world. In ANJI the total reservation is 20 Million MT and we own around 10 Million MT ,if we using annual 50 thousand MT ,the mine we own can using for more than 100 years.these raw clay resource is the only one China which can producing organoclay and clay gellant for water based paints rheological additive . 2. The quality contral a) The company using our own knowledge to produce all these products. To producing organoclay rheological additive, we developed a system and technology which meet the China local bentonite mineral structure,mainly by local smectite layered charge higher than Wyoming bentonite,we using the most suitable amine as organophilic modifier and using the suitable purifying ,modifying process.So FRGEL sereis of organoclay have excellent gellant properity,and excellent dispersing properity and better color. Now a days,we can produce different types of organoclay suing different raw bentonite by using our owned suitable technology and different amine. b. Quality control system In 2000,the company past the ISO-9001.Nowadays, we doing producing and QC control all by ISO9001. 6BEST GEL series of organoclay property l This series of organoclay is the developed products ,compare with conventional organoclay, FRGEL series have better dispersing and gelatinating property , because we using advanced new technology : a) Advanced separate technology enable our bentonite purified to 95-98% and average size about 0.35 u,and other producer in China, they can only provide organoclay with bentonite around 85%,and average size around 0.8u. b) Select the suitable amine to meet the bentonite . BESTGEL series of organoclay better than the local other producer in quality. Till today, most of these main paints and inks company are all using BEST GEL  FRGEL series of organoclay rheological additive. And the  new  Nano -aditives  FRGEL MP2000 also  start  commercial selling in to  the  construction paints market in  2010. In Jun.,2017, The new plant  annually capacity increased to  35000 Mt , and meanwhile the  New Lab  start using  for Global customers.